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Terms & conditions

How to order? / Order process

Select the products You are interested in, amounts, sizes and all that’s necessary and simply add the product into Your shopping cart. This can be done by clicking “add to cart” button. The product can be found in Your shopping cart anytime. In Your shopping cart You can also remove products or make any other changes like replacing the amounts for example. You can add any other products by clicking “Continue shopping”.

If You are certain that You’re done and do not need any more items, move on and proceed to checkout. This can be done by clicking the button “Proceed to checkout”.

3 different ways of proceeding will be shown:

  1. 1. Pay as a guest - your purchase will be one-time deal and Your data is only used for this particular buy. In case You want shipping done to any other address, choose option “Ship to another address” and new data page will appear.
  2. 2. Register - Your personal data will be stored and from now on You can make shopping process easier by logging in.
  3. 3. Log in - If You have already registered, You can start shopping by logging in and all necessary data blanks will be filled automatically.

When proceeded to checkout, please make sure that Your order & all Your data and any other information needed is placed correctly. After You have read our “Terms of service”, click “Proceed”.

Paying options

You can pay with credit card (Visa, MasterCard), PayPal or with following banklinks:

Estonia: (Swedbank, SEB, Nordea, Dankse, LHV, Krediidipank)
Latvia: (Swedbank, SEB, Nordea)
Lithuania: (SEB, Nordea)
Finland: (Nordea, Danske, Pohjola, Tapiola, Ålandsbanken, Handelsbanken)

All payments are made in the banks' or service providers secure environment outside Surfhouse e-shop. Surfhouse doesn't have access to its customers bank or credit card data.

After finishing your payment, make sure you click the "Back to merchandiser" button.

If you have any questions regarding the safety of your payment, feel free to contact us or your card provider for more info.

Right to return

According to Law Of Obligations §56 a consumer has 14 days to return the item(s). This period will start from the day You have accepted the products. The right of returning does not apply to those products that have been made considering Your personal needs or made specially for You.

When using Your right to return you have to:

  1. 1. Send us Your application by an e-mail address eshop@surfhouse.ee in 14 days after receiving Your order. Please make sure that the item You would like to return, number of Your order, Your name and account number are mentioned in the application!
  2. 2. After previously negotiating with our webstore manager and fixed the returning time, -place and –way, You have to return non-used items with all the labels and tariffs on. If possible, in its orginal package.
  3. 3. Returning costs are paid by the customer.
  4. 4. We will refund You the payment after we have checked the products You sent back to us. When it’s done and everything is ok, we will make a transfer to the account number You have marked in Your application; but not later then in 14 days. This period will start right after we have received the items You have returned.

Complaints & claims

According to Law Of Obligations §218 service provider will be responsible if the product will not meet the requirements or the terms of service. The guarantee period covers 2 years and begins the day the customer accepts the product. It is assumed that if the problem appears in 6 months, it was already there when accepting the product (if this assumption is not contradictional when considering the problem).

If the problem seems to be technological or caused by manufacturer, You may insist fixing and we provide a repair; if fixing is not possible or will turn out non-effective, You can insist that we replace the product. If we can fix the product, replacing won’t be an option because it would cause us unconscionable expenses. Getting Your payment back will only be an option when replacing (in a reasonable time) won’t be possible because we do not have the item You need.

We will not be responsible in case the item has been faulty or damaged because of customer’s wrong actions or carelessness; if the item has some defects that have been caused by wrong use or when the problem is caused by normal daily use of a product.

If you have complaints, You have to:

  1. 1. Send us Your application to eshop@surfhouse.ee We kindly ask You to describe the problem as close as You can.
  2. 2. If possible, please send us a photo of the problem.
  3. 3. Please make sure that Your name and other personal details needed are mentioned in the application!

After receiving Your letter, we will contact You in 14 days to see how to proceed and how to provide a repair of Your product (if needed).

Security and privacy policy

All information that is needed to place an order from our webstore will be handled as confidential data. We only collect and use information that is necessary for completing Your order and keeping customer relations. We do not publish nor share our customer data with any third parties, except it is necessary for completing your order or if law obligates. Customer has a right to insist removing it’s customer information from our webstore database.

Safety is our first priority! Shopping at Surfhouse webstore is 100% secure - guaranteed by SLL, MasterCard SecureCode, Verified by Visa - technologies that doesn't allow or permit anyone (even us!) to see or use Your internet bank or any personal data, because we use secure transfer methods and excellent secure connections.

When paying via credit card, You will be directed to a trustable sertificated credit card payment system that is totally secure and confidential. To safely transfer customer data and especially credit card details, we use a certified transfer method that has secure bugproof data communication devices. Any information You have inserted cannot spread to anyone and not even us can see and use it!

Safe shopping!